My name is Leticia Suárez del Cerro. I was born in 1972 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since I was a young girl, my passion was painting, drawing, modeling, any activity related to Fine Arts. As an extra activity after school hours I took up pottery with the incentive of mum and dad. I always knew which was my real vocation: Art. Because of that, as soon as I finished my secondary school I entered a Fine Arts College ( Santa Ana Institute), in Belgrano (a neighborhood in Capital Federal). I studied there five years; they were five extraordinary years when I felt myself deeply immersed into a special world, where I learnt not only the theoretical knowledge but also to believe in my own dreams, to know that if you believe in them, some day, they will become true. In 1992 I married Diego, the love of my life. I got my degree in 1994; the following year I started teaching art in Virginio Greggo School at Primary Level; that was an opportunity to get in touch with children and to realize that art is a fundamental mean of expression for children and it is the teacher's responsibility to let them express through art. At the same time, I started modeling souvenirs in cold porcelain. Without even noticing, I entered a different world: Small figures filled with tenderness and candor modeled in cold porcelain.

At the end of 1996, I started working for Utilísima Satelital specialist's staff .