· 1997
Specialist of " Hágalo Ud. Misma" ("Do It Yourself") where I started to show my modeling technique.
· 1998
I started my work as a producer of a magazine called "Souvenirs" by Utilísima during 2 years. During the same year I was invited to give classes and demonstration in different cities of Peru
· 1999
The book "Modelado en diferentes masas" " Modeling in different pastes" was published (Editorial Atlántida)
· 2000
I co-conducted a TV program called "Souvenirs". I made up a video " Masas Básicas para Artesanos". "Basic Pastes for Artisans" of Utilísima Hogar Collection.
· 2001
Specialist of the program "Hágalo Ud. Misma" " Do it yourself". I made a contribution in the book "Cocina para bebés de 6 a 24 meses" "Cooking for babies from 6 to 24 months"- souvenirs section (Utilísima y Disney) (Editorial Atlántida)
· 2002
Specialist of the program "Hágalo Ud misma" ("Do it yourself")